Yoder for Congress Campaign Announces Veterans Coalition

More Than 50 Veteran Leaders Form Coalition in Support of Congressman Yoder's Re-Election Campaign

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


LEAWOOD, KS - The Kevin Yoder for Congress campaign is proud to announce the support of more than 50 veterans as part of the Veterans for Kevin Yoder Coalition.

Congressman Yoder released the following statement about the coalition:

"I am truly honored to have the support of so many true American heroes. I have spent the last four years fighting for veterans' rights, advocating for legislation that ensures that the federal government lives up to the promises it made to our military members and veterans. I have fought to reverse President Obama's cuts to the Military Tuition Assistance Program, and I have supported legislation giving veterans the freedom to choose their hospitals. If re-elected, I will continue to be a leader for veterans rights, and do whatever I can to help solve problems for the veterans of the 3rd District."

"During his time in Congress, Congressman Yoder has consistently taken time to listen and discuss issues with veterans of the District," said Tom Wolfe, US Navy, chair of the Veterans for Kevin Yoder Coalition, "He has proven his leadership abilities, and has brought our concerns to Washington with a powerful voice."

Statements from some of Congressman Kevin Yoder's supporters:

"With all of the problems this administration has with veterans issues, it is nice to know we have Kevin Yoder in Washington fighting for us." said retired Maj. Gen. Bill Treu, USAF.

"The latest scandal with the VA shows that the federal government is not in a position to give veterans the best care. Congressman Yoder understands this, and he is fighting to give us a choice in our medical care." said Phil Hafler, US Army.

"Congressman Yoder has fought to restore the Veterans' Tuition Assistance Program which was regrettably cut by the President. We owe it to the young men who fight for our freedom to help them get a college education." said Tom Patterson, US Army.

The members of the coalition include:

Tom Wolfe - US Navy - Coalition Chairman
Bill Anthony - US Army
Robert Arnold - US Navy
Don Boyer - US Army
Ron Bozich - US Army
David Bruce - USMC
Gene Canell - USMC (Purple Heart Recipient)
Jack Cantril - US Army
William Christie - US Army
Zeke Crozier - US Army
Frederick Desieghardt - US Army
Max Deweese - Staff Sgt, USMC (Ret.)
Robert Dockhorn - Lt. Cdr, US Navy (Ret.)
Charles English - Chief Warrant Officer, US Army (Ret.)
Don Farrow - US Navy
Bob Faunce - USMC
Monica Gfoeller - US Army
Phil Hafler - US Army
Jack Hiles - USAF
Richard Hitt - US Navy & Army
Jerry Hoke - USMC
Vernice Hopkins - US Navy
Cliff Horseman - US Army
Don Hubbel - US Army
Jess Hudnall - USMC
Jack Krumme - US Army
James Lester - US Army
David Lind - USAF
James Mahoney - US Army
Junior Manness - US Navy
David Mattson - USAF
William McCrea - US Navy
Don McGuire - Lt. Cmdr. US Navy, (Ret.)
Kevin McPherson - US Army
Richard Monger - US Army
Steven Murray - US Navy
David Ohmer - US Army
Tom Patterson - US Army
John Pettersch - Chief Petty Officer, US Navy (Ret.)
Mark Rendina - Lt. Col, US Army (Ret.)
Gonzalo Reyes - USMC
Robert Rigg - USMC
Roy Schenkel - US Army (POW)
Richard Schroder - US Army
Dean Schumacher - US Army
Sherwood Songer - US Navy
Gene Thomas - US Navy
Bill Treu - Maj. Gen, USAF (Ret.)
Hector Urquiza - US Navy
David VanHouten - US Navy
Johnny Winston - US Navy

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