What we know about Jay Sidie:

  • Sidie has missed 75% of the votes that he was eligible for, only having voted in 9 of the past 37 elections here in Kansas.

  • Sidie is campaigning on school funding, but he has missed all six school funding votes in his community, failing to support more than $500,000,000 in new money for our schools.

      • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - $223 Million Mail Ballot Election - 1/27/2015
      • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - Ballot Question - 4/3/2007
      • Johnson County Question - Special Polls Election - 9/27/2005

"Seventy-one percent of Johnson County voters Tuesday approved a three-year extension of a quarter-cent sales tax that makes about $28 million a year for the county's seven school districts." - De Soto Explorer - 9/29/2005

      • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - $184 Million Ballot Question - April 2004
      • Johnson County - Ballot Question - August 2002

"The tax was originally approved by 61 percent of voters in August 2002." - De Soto Explorer - 9/29/2005

      • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - Ballot Questions - April 2001
  • Sidie has lied about his background, claiming he runs a successful financial investment firm called Counterpunch Financial. But after media reports recently revealed that he isn't registered to legally give financial advice, he now admits his firm isn't actually a business.

  • Sidie campaigns against Wall Street financial institutions, but as an investment advisor he was accused of cheating and defrauding a client, resulting in a loss of over a million dollars.


What Else we Know:

  • Sidie’s problematic trading history made him the subject of a federal fraud complaint before the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

  • Sidie’s problematic trading history made him the subject of a federal fraud complaint before the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

  • Jay Sidie filed a frivolous lawsuit against an elderly couple who sold him his home over a dispute about mold.

  • Jay Sidie worked to block the construction of a hospital parking lot because he objected to the quality of landscaping.

  • Jay Sidie’s campaign is financed by liberal Washington politicians and interest groups, including large labor unions.

  • Jay Sidie made his fortune in risky options trading and speculation and has worked as a Wall Street trader his whole life.

  • Jay Sidie says he is an average Kansan but he owns over half a million dollars in art and antiques and is an owner of a winery in France.

  • Jay Sidie’s family business had a lien filed against it for failing to pay its building contractors.

  • Jay Sidie’s family business failed to pay its sales taxes on time and had a state tax lien filed against it.

  • Jay Sidie has failed to disclose over a million dollars in investments as required by the House Ethics Committee.

  • Jay Sidie led the fight to block expansion of the KU Medical Center facilities that would have made it easier for nurses to serve cancer patients.

  • Jay Sidie tried to block a hospital from expanding its facilities because their landscaping wasn’t sufficiently high-end for his neighborhood.

  • Jay Sidie criticized hospital employees’ vehicles saying their parking lot looks like a “used car lot.”

  • Jay Sidie believes that America needs to redistribute wealth.

  • Jay Sidie filed a frivolous lawsuit against an elderly gentleman over mold in a home he bought.

  • Jay Sidie taught classes at a local adult education center to encourage people to get involved in risky day trading.

  • Jay Sidie has been endorsed by a group that works to block prayer in school.

  • Jay Sidie thinks KU is untrustworthy, lacks integrity, and does not do what is right.

  • Jay Sidie threatened to sue the KU Cancer center because the lights in their parking lot were not fancy enough for his community.

  • Jay Sidie was going to fund a negative media campaign against the KU Cancer Center because he did not like their parking lot.

  • Jay Sidie was willing to force the KU Cancer Center to pay $26,000 to upgrade their parking lot because he didn’t like the way it looked.

  • Jay Sidie is a liberal who doesn’t think Romney voters are “sane.”

  • Jay Sidie is an enthusiastic supporter of Kathleen Sebelius.

  • Jay Sidie regularly criticized Governor Brownback, but Sidie didn’t even bother to vote when Governor Brownback was standing for re-election.

  • Jay Sidie opposes voter identification laws that require voters to demonstrate citizenship.


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