We must honor the heroes who fight for our country and keep our nation safe by making sure we keep the promises made to them when they return home. Throughout his time in office, Congressman Yoder has met with his Veteran’s Advisory Committee to ensure he is in touch with those who have served in the armed forces to represent our nation.

While we can never fully repay our gratitude to our men and women in uniform, Congressman Yoder works to ensure the VA hospital provides proper and timely health care, that job opportunities are available when they return home from service and that we are prepared to handle the challenges associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and the rampant increase in veteran suicides in our nation.

Veterans’ benefits were earned through service to our nation and veterans should be able to count on these promises being kept.

Congressman Yoder will continue to work to help our nation’s veterans by:
  • Giving veterans more choice in their health care by requiring the VA Hospital to allow veterans to receive care from a non-VA hospital if they are waiting in line more than 30 days.
  • Holding the VA accountable if they fail to properly meet the health care needs of our nation’s veterans by allowing the firing or demoting of employees who don’t swiftly and properly provide the health care needs of our veterans.
  • Providing resources to hire more physicians to ensure that there are enough doctors available to adequately serve every veteran’s health care needs.
  • Create educational opportunities by requiring public colleges to allow veterans and their dependents to attend at in-state tuition rates.
  • Helping veterans find jobs by hosting local jobs fairs where veterans and employers are matched up first before other non-veterans look for work. These men and women are on the front lines overseas and Congressman Yoder believes they should be first in line to find work when they get home.
  • Focusing on mental health concerns facing veterans when they return in order to support the increased incidents of post-traumatic stress disorder and stem the tide of a staggering amount of veteran suicides. Congressman Yoder supported the Clay Hunt SAV Act to help prevent suicides among those who served, all too common a problem.
  • Supporting programs which incentivize hiring veterans as well as enable veterans to start their own businesses. This also includes training that transitions the skills our military men and women gain in the military, to the civilian workforce.



With a 103-year-old grandmother, Congressman Yoder has seen first-hand the importance of Medicare and Social Security in his grandmother’s life and will always fight to ensure that our government keeps its promises to seniors. As Americans have been required to contribute to these programs over all of their working years, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether the programs will be there when they retire.

Congressman Yoder believes that these programs must be preserved and strengthened for the use of future generations. They cannot be sacrificed to pay for other irresponsible government spending.

Congressman Yoder will continue to work to support our nation’s seniors by:

  • Ensuring access to top doctors and quality health care by opposing cuts to payments made to doctors who serve Medicare patients. The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) proposal passed by a previous Congress should be repealed to ensure the best doctors don’t leave the Medicare system and deny seniors care.
  • Helping provide seniors the information they need to make smart decisions by hosting Medicare “Open Enrollment” events each year where individual advisors can meet with seniors to ensure that they are getting the benefits for which they are eligible.
  • Rooting out Medicare fraud that robs the Medicare trust fund of vital resources that should go to seniors who are in need of care.


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