Support Public Schools


Great public schools are critical to the future of our children, our communities and our Kansas economy. As a product of Kansas public schools and a graduate of University of Kansas, Kevin knows first-hand the importance of quality public education.

In Kansas, we know that our local schools are most effective when parents, teachers, and the community are in charge, not bureaucrats in Washington. Congressman Yoder is working to change the one-size-fits-all model of education by restoring local control.

Congressman Yoder will continue to work to promote good quality public education by:
  • Targeting education spending to support Head Start, a program that helps at-risk children ages 3-5 with reading and other basic skills to make sure they are ready to start kindergarten. Congressman Yoder has been recognized previously as a “Kansas State Champion of Head Start,” and was awarded the inaugural year “Head Start PROMISE Award” for his leadership in early-childhood education.
  • Restoring local control of public education through efforts to eliminate certain programs created by No Child Left Behind that tie the hands of local school boards and teachers with ineffective programs such as AYP and other one-size fits all models of determining success.
  • Supporting effective teachers through legislation to eliminate federal “Highly Qualified Teacher” programs and to allow states and local school boards the ability to reward the teachers that they believe are most qualified and successful.
  • Reducing federal education bureaucracy by working to eliminate over 70 duplicative and ineffective programs and by consolidating grant programs into a Local Academic Flexible Grant.
  • Empowering local communities by stopping federal coercion of school districts to adopt one-size-fits-all standards such as Common Core in order to receive a waiver of other cumbersome provisions of federal education law.
  • Reducing the cost of college by supporting more bipartisan solutions to help keep interest rates on student loans low and to create certainty and predictability in the loan program.
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