Sharice's Single Payer: By the Numbers


Monday, September 17, 2018

178 million: Number of Americans who will be kicked off their private health insurance plans and forced onto Sharice's single payer government health care system.


44 million: Number of seniors who will be forced to pay for a massive tax increase on their retirement income to pay for Sharice's single payer system after their Medicare coverage is eliminated. 


11 million: Number of illegal immigrants in the United States who would be eligible for coverage under Sharice's single payer system. 


$32 trillion: Cost of implementing Sharice's single payer system, paid for by every American taxpayer, including seniors who have already paid for Medicare their entire life.


1 in 5: Number of hospitals across America that will be forced to close immediately or transition to a non-profit operation under Sharice's single payer system. 


Unknown: Number of new government bureaucrats needed to manage Sharice's single payer system. 


0: Number of Americans who under Sharice's single payer system would be able to keep their current plan if they like it.



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