Senator Kay Wolf Responds to Jay Sidie


October 25, 2016

To the Kansas City Star Editor

Elections are always contentious and seem to focus on the negatives of one’s opponents rather than the positives of one’s own campaign. This year is no exception with the vast amount of postcards arriving in the mail and the ads on television.

Recently, I saw a television advertisement describing a disturbing lack of support for public education by our current Congressman, Kevin Yoder. I have known Kevin for 11 years and have never once seen him vote against what is best for our schools. The ad states Congressman Yoder helped write the school finance plan along with Governor Brownback. Nothing could be further from the truth. The old school finance formula was enacted in 1992 by the Legislature and utilized up until two years ago when the block grant was put into effect for a 2-year period. Congressmen Yoder did not begin serving in the State Legislature until 2003 and the Governor was then a United States Senator. Congressmen Yoder has never served with Governor Brownback at either the Federal or State level.

An ad promoting Jay Sidie, (Congressman Yoder’s opponent), infers Congressman Yoder is not supportive of Kansas public schools. I can find no record of Congressman Yoder ever missing an educational vote for Johnson County as a resident. On the other hand, I have listed below the educational ballot questions Jay Sidie did not bother to vote for or against. He simply did not vote. This seems rather hypocritical for a person touting his on-going support of funding our public schools.

  1. Shawnee Mission USD #512 - $223 million dollar mail ballot election 1/27/2015
  2. Shawnee Mission USD #512 – 4/3/2007
  3. Johnson Country Question –Special Polls Election – 9/27/2005. “Seventy-one percent of JOCO voters approved a three year extension of a quarter cent sales tax that makes about $28million dollars a year for the county’s seven school districts” – De Soto Explorer 9/29/2005
  4. Shawnee Mission USD #512 - $184 million ballot question – April 2004
  5. Johnson County Ballot question – August 2002, “The tax was originally approved by 61 percent of voters in August 2002” - De Soto Explorer 9/29/2005
  6. Shawnee Mission USD #512 Ballot Question, April 2001

It is very concerning to me when people make blatantly false statements about others. The facts I listed above can be verified on the KS Secretary of State’s website. In fact, anyone’s voting history is a matter of public record. In order to check voting history all one has to do is type “” into their browser and follow the prompts referring to voter registration. The only information needed is the birthdate and the county one resides in.

The words “Fact Check” have been used a great deal this political season and it is sound advice. Know the facts prior to casting your vote. I will be supporting Congressman Yoder in November and urge others to do so. He has represented his constituents in Johnson County and the State of Kansas fairly and effectively as our Congressman.

Senator Kay Wolf, Kansas District 7

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  • Sandra Bock
    commented 2016-11-01 21:10:00 -0500
    I will be voting for Kevin Yoder on Nov. 8. I will not vote for the backstabbing Mr. Sidie!!
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