Reform Washington


When it comes to reforming the way Washington works, Congress must lead by example. For decades, Members of Congress have enjoyed special perks not available to the constituents they serve. As recently as 2010, Congress voted to give themselves special Obamacare subsidies to buy health care under the Speakership of Nancy Pelosi. When he got elected, Congressman Yoder instead led by example and refused those special perks.

Instead of letting Washington change him, Congressman Yoder is trying to change the way Washington works by reforming the benefits Members of Congress receive and eliminating many perks. He’s introduced legislation and voted for bills that reduce incentives for people to come to Washington for a high salary, a lifelong pension, and special treatment instead of serving the people who elected them to that office.

Congressman Yoder will continue to reform the way Washington works by:
  • Eliminating congressional pensions through the introduction of legislation which would do away with the lifelong pensions that Members of Congress receive.
  • Reducing the pay of Members of Congress by sponsoring a bill to cut congressional pay and by supporting the No Budget No Pay Act of 2013 to only pay Members of Congress when they do their work and pass a budget.
  • Leading by example and cutting his own budget on top of what is allocated. Each year in office, Congressman Yoder has returned thousands of dollars from his office budget to the federal treasury, proving it is possible to be fiscally responsible in Washington.
  • Declining Obamacare subsidies because if they aren’t available to every American, they shouldn’t be available to Members of Congress.
  • Reaching across the aisle and working with members of both parties as Americans first and Republicans and Democrats second. Congressman Yoder has been given the Consensus Civility Award along with Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) for his work to find consensus between the two parties.
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