In a comical effort to make the Kansas Third District race competitive, National Democrats have decided to back Liberal Jay Sidie, someone virtually unknown to the Third District who they can attempt to mold into a viable candidate. Furthermore, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) have decided to open the campaign with an unfounded attack on Yoder's credentials with regard to education - apparently without realizing their candidate is a complete disaster on school funding.

Sidie Abandons Our Public Schools

The contrast could not be clearer: Kevin Yoder has stepped up to support investments in public education every step of the way in both his role as a public official and his voting record as a private citizen, whereas Liberal Jay Sidie has skipped every single school funding vote since moving to Kansas. Yoder voted in each of the below elections, which boosted local schools with more than half a billion dollars in funding. Sidie failed to show up to the polls for any of them:

  • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - $223 Million Mail Ballot Election - 1/27/2015
  • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - Ballot Question - 4/3/2007
  • Johnson County Question - Special Polls Election - 9/27/2005
    • "Seventy-one percent of Johnson County voters Tuesday approved a three-year extension of a quarter-cent sales tax that makes about $28 million a year for the county's seven school districts." - De Soto Explorer - 9/29/2005
  • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - $184 Million Ballot Question - April 2004
  • Johnson County - Ballot Question - August 2002
  • Shawnee Mission USD #512 - Ballot Questions - April 2001
    • *Yoder was a resident of Lawrence, Kansas while studying at the University of Kansas, and thus unable to vote in this election.

Sidie a Consistent No Show

Even though he has failed to lift a finger to vote for our children's schools, Liberal Jay Sidie is shockingly asking the voters of the Third District to trust him with their vote in Washington. In fact, of the 37 total elections Sidie has been eligible to vote in since moving to Kansas, he's only participated in nine, giving him a 24% overall voting percentage and a 0% when it comes to schools. Notably, Sidie did not vote in the 2014 general election for governor.

Yoder Champions Public Education

In addition to supporting more than a billion dollars in increased funding for Kansas public schools during his time in the Kansas Legislature and supporting more than a billion dollars in increased funding for the Head Start Program in Congress, Kevin Yoder has voted for every single school funding ballot measure as a private citizen. In Congress, Yoder has a 99.1% voting percentage, which is higher than the congressional average for participation.

New Television Ad

Click below to view Yoder for Congress' latest television ad highlighting these issues, titled "Hypocrite." The ad is now running on broadcast and cable in the Kansas City media market.

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