Defend the Constitution

Over the last eight years, the Constitution and its balance of powers has been under constant assault. The Obama Administration has been unable to convince the American people or Congress to support its agenda of big government, Washington-first policies, and has instead opted to govern by executive action. It has used executive orders to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, change unworkable portions of Obamacare, redefine long-standing environmental laws to greatly expand their scope, erode Americans’ rights to bear arms, invade their privacy, and more.

Congressman Yoder has been on the front lines in the battle to protect Americans’ constitutional rights and restore the balance of powers in our government. He has joined his colleagues in the US House in successfully suing the Administration, halting its executive orders on immigration and the Clean Power Plan, the most-expensive federal regulation in history.

Congressman Yoder will continue to defend the Constitution by:
  • Holding everyone accountable under the law regardless of who you are and what positions you hold. The FBI and DOJ’s investigations into Secretary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information has broken the American people’s faith in government, and Congress is working to restore the rule of law.
  • Ensuring our First Amendment freedoms of speech and religion are not eroded by a government that may disagree with them, while at the same time making sure certain Americans are not being discriminated against. Everyone in our country should be entitled to the American Dream.
  • Protecting the Second Amendment right to bear arms by ensuring that each and every American who wants to own a firearm – and isn’t prohibited by existing law – is able to. Law-abiding citizens should not be prevented from exercising a constitutional right without the due process afforded to them in the Fifth Amendment.
  • Preventing agencies like the IRS from violating your Fourth Amendment rights by passing his Email Privacy Act (HR 699), which makes long-overdue changes to a 30-year-old law governing the Fourth Amendment privacy rights of Americans’ emails.
  • Preserving the Tenth Amendment and the important principle that powers not delegated to the federal government explicitly in the Constitution are reserved the the states, and more importantly, to the people.
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