Balance the Budget


Over the past 60 years, Congress and the President have only balanced the federal budget 6 times. Congressman Yoder believes that both parties are at fault for overspending and growing the national debt in our country which now hovers around $19 Trillion. If left unchecked, this mounting debt will drown out all other government initiatives and place a heavy tax burden on future generations.

Congressman Yoder has been a consistent vote for fiscal sanity in Congress, voting to block President Obama’s spending spree and working to eliminate the federal debt without raising taxes. He has fought for sound economic principles that would balance our nation’s budget, and rein in spending on bloated federal programs.

Congressman Yoder will continue to work to reduce spending and balance the federal budget by:
  • Voting for the first bipartisan bicameral balanced budget since 2001. If American families have to balance their budgets and make tough decisions every month, Congress and the federal government should too.
  • Supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution that would prohibit Congress from borrowing any more money and make them balance their books just like every other American must do.
  • Maintaining a lid on discretionary spending to ensure that as the economy improves and more money comes into the treasury, that any new revenue goes to pay down the debt rather than to expand and grow government. Due to a disciplined approach to stop spending increases, today our nation spends less on discretionary spending than the day Congressman Yoder took office.
  • Leading by example by reducing his own office budget and returning those dollars to the U.S. Treasury.
  • Fighting fraud, waste and abuse in government spending that is preventing us from paying down our debt and balancing our budget.
  • Working to implement budget reforms such as zero-based budgeting. Agencies should have to justify their entire budgets each year not just their proposed increase.
  • Stop calling it a cut when an agency simply receives less than it asked for; Kansans know that a cut is a cut, only when you get less than you did last year.
  • Working line by line through departmental budgets finding duplicative programs and ways to make the government more efficient and effective.
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