Liberal Jay Sidie is Nancy Pelosi's handpicked candidate to try and steal the Third District's congressional seat and hand her the Speaker's gavel and rubber stamp for Hillary Clinton's agenda.

The only problem is, she failed to vet him before tapping him to run:

  • Sidie has missed 75% of the votes that he was eligible for, only having voted in 9 of the past 37 elections here in Kansas.

  • Sidie is campaigning on school funding, but he has missed all six school funding votes in his community, failing to support more than $500,000,000 in new money for our schools.

  • Sidie has lied about his background, claiming he runs a successful financial investment firm called Counterpunch Financial. But after media reports recently revealed that he isn't registered to legally give financial advice, he now admits his firm isn't actually a business.

  • Sidie campaigns against Wall Street financial institutions, but as an investment advisor he was accused of cheating and defrauding a client, resulting in a loss of over a million dollars.


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